Based on the events of the last few days, I have decided on this April Day to honor Loki’s Nordic God of joke and mischief, by declaring the creation of the Troll Nation (all metahuman races are meant).

There are many reasons for this, from the British referendum incident to the vote on Articles 11 and 13 in the EU Parliament. It is evident that there must be an unambiguous definition of current affairs. And on that basis, to designate a new state and nation with its own habits. The new nation must demonstrate the following:

  • The first is the obligation of a nation seeking independence to prove that its members have been subjected to oppression by the central government.
  • The second is efficiency when a group seeking independence must demonstrate the central government’s weakness towards a region that wants independence, or rather, the powers that push the independence of that territory against its will.
  • The third is the international administration of the territory seeking independence, allowing this community to interfere with the internal affairs of the state exposed to secession.
  • The fourth and most important criterion is to prove that external players (including superpowers) consider the requirements for independence legitimate and are ready to recognize an independent state. The superpowers decide which self-union (the concept of Indian-British writer Salman Rushdie) or a detached entity will join the club of sovereign states.

My goal is to force states to accept Trolls land as a regular nation and state

One of my goals is to prove that Doge has value as a cryptocurrency thanks to his meme, so we will create a payment gateway for the doge with the possibility to implement it in various e-shops, games and payment terminals, and we will send part of this payment gateway to this fund Greta Thunberg, to protect the planet. But most importantly, the money will fund military research.

  • 1% of Doge Payment Gateway income will go to Greta Thunberg Fund
  • 10% of crowdfunding (ICO, etc) will go to Greta Fund
  • Hardcap 10 Million USD
  • Adress: DDDoCR8LAJBc5uGgvVAN7ghxu1nvAMhRG9

To hell why Dogecoin and why payment gateway


Dogecoin because of mem and because we verify the market hypothesis whether Dogecoin has any sense at all…

There is no need for a payment gateway as a payment gateway and market developments, in response to cryptocurrency by individual states and unions, some form of regulation is needed. After all, it is crypto is such a small playful puppy (like Shiba Inu) and it is necessary to train.

I know that many crypto enthusiasts will wiggle, pluck their hair on their heads and claim that it goes against the cryptocurrency principle, but you can also argue about the education that goes against the child’s personality… but the important thing is that with some regulation, will be able to grow the cryptocurrencies market much more and faster than without it.

The reason for this is that the cryptocurrency and its users who will fulfill these regulations will know that everything is fine in all respects and its only task will be taxed correctly. And to show the governments of all states how much market potential in the purchase of drugs and whores is and never just forbid, so the only way is to allow them with some regulation.

There is one more reason for Dogecoin throughout the concept. Because it is cheap, it is accessible to young people and its community is quite active and we believe that its developers will help.

At the same time, we thought that this currency would be ideal, just because of the popularity of the youth to buy drugs for her, schoolgirls in Dogecoin paid for their attention from Daddy, and parents could offer their children to priests and pedophiles.(What’s the same) Here we have made contact with the Dutch Party (PVND)

At the same time, I believe that the world needs a currency that will not be guarded/anonymous.

We think (I, my other self and Irena) that the ideal solution for this whole project is to organize a huge pool party where you can take whatever you have ever been made and who you want. For weaker characters, there is no retrospective appeal to #metoo .., everything will be resolved on the spot. The toy will be able to buy, catch, or be caught… yeah and to forget who will want to have a trip with Elon, you can buy drugs anywhere… and maybe if you ask too much, I will try to catch someone interesting.
Or we will celebrate Easter together in the same way by honoring the goddess of fertility.

As you will recognize, this is a rather ambitious idea, and there is a need for one’s own space for such a project, so we were thinking about which policies we could bribe to allow us to do this. We found one small country in the middle of Europe Chechnya, where the president is eternally dying and said to collaborate with Russia and China, politicians are routinely employed by the prime minister, according to his own party’s statutes, to abdicate. And as a pirate party sit in government- she did it with a porn painting roller, but it’s still not it.

Eventually, I thought to declare a war of a state that has no army and is unable to defend its sovereign territory, which we then occupy. When I think we mean us trolls and orgy. The elves are also welcome, but I am not sure if the invitation to invade a foreign state and help set up my own is interesting. The state is Liberland.

Since Liberland is on the European continent and the United Kingdom is just about to leave the EU, the voice of trolls, years and all the other meta races on the islands should be heard, and they should decide whether they want to leave GB out of the EU community and under what conditions.

However, in order to support the GB proposal to leave the EU, why should we prevent them from leaving, so let them go. Goodbye and dress.

Esotericism, magic, and habits

At the same time, I decided to follow the traditions of our ancestors before the Christian era and demand the Pope’s apology for disrupting many holy places, for witch trials, and for the violence committed and committed by Catholic Church priests across the country, claiming an apology from the Pope. why I could not demand it, respectively. me. I think that Christianity and with it the whole Western world is undergoing a crisis of values when discussing what is good and bad. Here’s the scene from my favorite movie
Anyway, I decided to use all available means, including in the field of esotericism and magic, when I enchanted clothes that are distributed to Germany, GB or USA and of course Czech. At the same time, I enchanted food in certain parts of Prague and the Czech Republic, and this is one great ritual. Which I will crown with the blood sacrifice.

I think magic is a functional force to be reckoned with, and that’s why I want to do the following crowdfunding for her research, brain research, meditation, and so on. Again in Dogecoin, the value will be calculated in btc

  • Low cap 66.6 btc
  • Hardcap 666 btc
  • Adress: DCLnXqmBBrbS833PNvo4rFnMCL9MduBRed

New Internet MATRIX

In view of what is happening in the world, from climate change to the restriction of freedom of speech on the Internet, there seems to be a need for a new information network that is completely independent of providers and regulators from the state, completely anonymized and distributed, the information will be automatically verified to the information value. We practically monetize the idea when it was created and on what basis it was created.

Thanks to technology, we can build a totem and set our territory anywhere in the world thanks to AR / VR and localization. Entry to the Matrix will be possible from anywhere with the right equipment. Since this new cyberspace will have several levels and some of them will touch and interact with the physical (outer world), it is necessary to modify the whole concept of data display and work with it. It is a comprehensive approach to and work with information.

To get started, we need a small application and buy trolls cave products with which you can go check out the participants of the contest “how much cost your dress”. Your rags will have an animation on YouTube.

  • T-shirt price $ 500
  • A minimum of 250 pieces sold for success

T-shirts are a little bit to create a more complex one:
POI (Point of Interest) functioning as a room in some physical space. The operation of digital objects may be possible only by controlling gestures or minds. This is a new way of securing access, where someone must first take you to the room and show you / teach you an unlocking formula.

The cast of Liberland

I want to steal the Liberland database
I divided the plan into several stages:

  • Drop web
  • Occupy territory.

In the case of the second phase, it is necessary to occupy the territory of the drones, since the neighboring states have not fully recognized the sovereignty of Liberland (who would also recognize it when it does not have an army) and prevent access to this river island.

There is a need for serious opposition from neighboring states and, if necessary, preventive cyber attacks on their infrastructure so that they cannot move troops and supplies. At the same time it will be necessary to be able to cancel any communication of 100mil in the circuit and at the same time be able to log on to the network, ie it is necessary to launch your own telecommunication satellite or balloon.
We must be prepared to present our strength thanks to our own nationality rules. So that we would be accepted by the other nations, especially by the superpowers possessing a nuclear arsenal.
Connection to the island will be ensured by new light-based technology, so transmission will not be eavesdropped and disturbed.

We need to estimate 400 million per satellite and its orbit.
That’s 800,000 trolls, I think there’s a lot more on earth.
Anyway, we can only occupy the territory without a satellite using the application. That’s enough for 100 trolls

  • Adress: D6MSST8xK6bnXehf8MF6fb3u3NA2QCg6DE

However, in order to build an army in general, additional capital and a different approach will be needed, the need to arm yourself as it is possible that they will try to stop us by force, preventing us from joining the Matrix. Because the only thing left is resistance. It is important to define yourself against nations, churches and to hear the voice, the call for adventure and the conquest of the new world and the creation of the new empire.

Of course, we can buy a piece of land, but the goal is to occupy Liberland and anything else is just a necessary stop or turn.

The reason for establishing the Troll State is convinced of how the idea and the common mindset can be much more than the original nationality. It’s about looking at society, civilization and knowing that most of the people are sheep – animals that need to be eaten or used.

War is a healing remedy for society, and in this case, it is actually needed; in the minds of people, there must be an emotional record of having fought but not fought. events. From a dual perspective (we/they, old age / young, GB / EU) make a trilateral or four-sided situation.
Thanks to our thinking, we can manipulate people or provide them with the valuable insight they don’t have. I think that Identification as a meta person will not only allow people to genetically shift. Whether targeted crossing or targeted gene manipulation, it is still a mindset and mindset. The way of thinking that is inherent in all wizards, shamans, of course, we will need, because Rosenkrucians, the Jewish community, Bildenberg and Soros will unite to find and educate us all, or remove them. However, they will not be able to do this because our application will access the internet via VPN and torque until we have our satellite on top of it and a non-traceable technology.

Of course, as I have indicated above, the declaration of war means armament. And the development of new war technology, such as laser and high-speed projectile magnetic weapons, MPV (magnetic pulse weapon) and more.

Welcome to the new cyberpunk world!!!